Woman Pulled Over For Speeding Receives Act Of Kindness From Police Officer

A woman in Maine took to Facebook to praise a police officer’s act of kindness after he pulled her over for speeding.

Briana Corriveau said she was on a break from work when she was pulled over for speeding. While pulling over, she ran over the curb and popped her tire.

After realizing what happened, Officer Aaron Paradis immediately ripped up the ticket, called a tow truck and drove her back to work.

When Corriveau returned to pick up her vehicle, she found out Officer Paradis had paid for the tire and repairs.

Corriveau took to Facebook to share Officer Paradis’ act of kindness:

“He calls me a tow truck, rips up my ticket and drives me in his cruiser to VIP to meet my car. When we walk in he tells the guy at the counter that I need a new tire and so on. I went to the bathroom then came back out. He brought me back to work. I sat in the cruiser thanking him a million times and telling him sorry for speeding and causing this BS…

When I went back to VIP the guy at the counter told me I was all set. I was baffled because he told me that the officer had given him his name and number and told VIP to call him when my car was finished. He paid not only for the tire I popped but my drivers side also!

This officer has no clue what he had done for me that day. I am so thankful for him and his act of kindness. I wish wonderful things to come your way. You restored my faith in man kind during these hard times.”